10 Beauty Trends You Need to Know About (Warning, Some Are Weird!)

With everyone slowly starting to meet together in person again, you may find that your beauty items are out of the loop. But after taking a look at the current fashion trends of 2021, ForeverHerDay has some inspo for you!

With people branching off with either the flashy, the minimalist, or even the unconventional, you have a lot of flexibility in the beauty department.


Who doesn't love bright colors? Largely inspired by the 80s, many people are returning to the colorful party look.

Crazy nails

Perhaps one of the biggest current trends is elaborate, show-stopping nails. One style in particular that has become popular is "bandana nails," which are shown in this Instagram post.

Other popular nail options include jewels and rainbow colors.



Bright eye makeup

Eye liner, eye shadow, even mascara--all of it in bright colors! One fun example is a colorful graphic liner, which allows for creativity and a memorable style.



Red Dyed Hair

Colorful, unique hair--especially in the color red--is becoming a trend. Whether you prefer stop sign red or more of a rusty color, both of these shades are perfect for the season. Also, big hair and natural curls are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty world.

Red Dyed Hair Colour


Especially with the rise of Covid-19, many people have found the beauty in minimalism. Because of this, even as restrictions are slowly lifting, many people continue to go for the natural look.

Full eyebrows

Getting tired of having to constantly pluck your eyebrows? Worry no more! As more people are embracing fuller eyebrows, many are starting to find unibrows intriguing and even attractive.

Full eyebrows trend 2021

No Makeup

Rather than putting on loads of makeup, many people have begun to prioritise skincare. And honestly, your skin will thank you!

In this trend, a little makeup is okay, but it should resemble natural skin as much as possible.

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Natural makeup trend 2021

Just plain weird

Along with the contradictory flashy and natural trends, many people have focused on experimentation this year, discovering some -weird- unconventional looks.

Ear makeup

Who knows, maybe this will become normal in a few years! This trend started about a year ago, but it's only started to become mainstream recently. Allowing for extra creativity beyond the conventional face makeup, this trend is admittedly a little strange, but it is a fun activity--and it looks kind of cool in a way.

Dyed armpit hair

Whether someone was inspired by the 80's look and wanted to take it a step further, or someone just decided to play around with dyes, this is certainly an odd trend. Even then, it can be a fun thing to do when you're goofing off with friends.


Dyed armpit hair


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We hope that this blog gave you some beauty inspiration, so you can walk into any room with confidence.

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