9 Elegant Nail Ideas

When it comes to elegant nails, it can be easy to think that we either need to find plain, "boring" looks or something that is designed for a formal occasion. While these looks can help tie an outfit together and look elegant, you can also add in your personal style and creativity. Below are a few nail art ideas, which may give you creative inspiration for your next elegant look. 


Nature-themed nails

nature themed elegant nails

If you are looking for nail inspiration that stands out while not going away from an elegant look, then having subtly nature-themed nails is a good choice. For this person, they decided to use beautiful, plant-inspired colors, and then put a branch stencil on one nail (there are also some water droplet details if you look closely). Because it's not multi-coloured or highly patterned, it can work well with virtually any outfit. 


Flower-themed nails

flower themed elegant nails

If you want something more formal, then this is a great choice! This is a beautiful option for weddings, although it can work for a variety of events.

The flower-inspired stencils are subtle, but they help add dimension to her nails. On the first and last nails, the jewels and criss-cross patterns give a classy, bold look, but the pastel colour scheme keeps them from appearing flashy.


Nude-coloured nails

long nude elegant nails

While these nails are a nude colour, the longer length allows them to stand out a little. This look is great for more formal look while maintaining an elegant simplicity. Some other colours that go great with this look include reds, black, white, and some browns. Brighter colours can work well too, but they may appear less elegant, and they will need to be specifically coordinated with the outfit.


Heart nails

red heart elegant nails

If you're looking for more of a casual, cute look that is still elegant, then this is the one for you! The heart-shaped tips on the first and last nails are a unique touch, and the “love" on the two middle nails helps tie the look together. At the same time, the red colour, curved tips, and cursive font help create an elegant look.


Winter-themed nails

winter themed elegant nails

This nail art is a great look for when winter rolls around (which is coming fast)--or it may work for other seasons with a different colour scheme and stencil! The design has a cool texture on second and last nails. Also, the pretty snowflake stencils and soft colour scheme give a cozy, elegant look.


Simple nails

plain elegant nails

This nail look is good if you're looking for something simple and elegant. Generally, the nails should be a plain colour that blends well with the rest of the outfit. Otherwise, the nails will not contribute to the rest of the look and may even clash. In this case, the deep purple is a unique but still elegant colour. Overall, it helps the outfit look sophisticated and formal.


Line art nails

elegant line art nails

While remaining classy and elegant, this nail art is super creative. The black and white colour scheme contributes to an elegant and sophisticated look, while the line art on the nails gives a creative, unique feel. This look is not flashy, but it can easily stand out.


Marbeled nails

marbeled elegant nails

With half of the nails being solidly coloured and the other half with a marbeling, this nail look is fun while remaining elegant. The marbeling gives a creative feel, and the fact that it is the same colour as the solid purple helps tie the look together.


Half and half nails

grey and pink elegant nails

This look is similar to the previous one with the half and half concept, but it is a llittle more subdued, which can help give a more mature feel. In this case, the nails are half pink and half grey, which are soft, subtle colours. Although simple, this colour scheme can easily tie the right outfit together.


As shown in these examples, elegant nails can come in a variety of colours, style, and designs.

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(All pictures are stock images taken from Pixabay or Pexels.)

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