Being Your Authentic Self In Business

Being your authentic self in business - How confidence can help you win!

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Surprisingly, when it comes to being yourself in business, it often becomes an idea that many people are switched off towards.


Instead, many entrepreneurs and business owners alike prefer to have a business persona and an out-of-work persona.


But is this really something that is necessary or even effective when it comes to getting people on board with your business? After all, if you’re the person behind it, then the consumer is also investing in you, too.


Times have changed, and it’s time to move with them…


As the rise of the ‘internet-show’ is bigger now than ever, seeing how other people live their daily lives is a part of YOUR daily life, too; people have become more accustomed to getting an insight into each other’s lives and in turn, they have started to expect a little more realism from businesses, too.


Businesses with corporate suits who the consumer very rarely heard from are now making themselves more accessible, and the consumer likes it.




Because the big wigs who once seemed so far away from normality are now normal, and this encourages the consumer to get on board with a business; likeability is everything in a world that is full of opinion.


Being yourself is not a negative…


There is only one of you, therefore there is only one of your business. Being yourself shows confidence, which also incites confidence – it’s a give a little, get a bit back kind of situation.


If people see you for who you are, they are more likely to trust you, which in turn converts to them buying from you. Do you see the correlation?


As soon as you see that you in yourself are a unique selling point, the quicker you will grow.


Identify why you are different



If you have had a major life changing event, or have a different lifestyle approach to most – embrace it and tell people about it. This makes you stand out, and in turn, makes your business unique.


Open up but maintain a level of professionalism that ensures clients and other businesses take you seriously; don’t become complacent and think that by being you, you can also be flaky.


Being real as a boss


We all remember that one teacher at school that we actually looked forward to having a class with. The one who always managed to get the best out of you, without being a total nightmare who you hated having lessons with.


This teacher is the framework of the boss you should aspire to be in business.


When you hire employees, be approachable, tell them why you have your business, make your passion contagious and make them like working for you. This way, you are more likely to have a fantastic staff morale and more efficient business.


It is important that you show staff the importance of respect on both sides of the employee line. If you invest in your staff and show that you’re willing to be open, you will get the same in return.


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