Buying Clothes Online—Tips and Tricks

Whether you need the perfect outfit for an upcoming event or are looking for a reliable place to purchase clothing from, you may find that you do not have the time to shop in-person. Fortunately, there are several clothing stores online, which can give you a unique style within an affordable budget. Even then, online shopping is different from purchasing in-person, so you will want to take some extra considerations.

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Know your clothing expectations and needs up front

This is among the most important aspects of shopping online. Because you cannot try clothes on in the store, you can easily end up wasting a lot of time and, worst-case scenario, buy unsuitable clothes that you cannot return.

Within these expectations, you should consider not only your size and what you are needing to buy, but also personal preference and what looks good on you. To ensure that your figure works well with the outfit you are considering before even trying it on, take a look at the model and consider if they have a similar body type (as in waist, hip, leg, and height proportions, not body weight). Also, think about what types of clothing have fit well on you in the past and look for a common theme.

Finally, focus on what type of materials the store uses to make its clothes. This aspect may be less noticeable in an online image, but it nevertheless makes a huge difference when actually wearing the clothes. Although it may not be as clearly visible in the image, it will likely be written in the description.


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Start off with smaller purchase

If you have never shopped at a certain online store before, don’t be afraid to start with a smaller purchase. Whether it is less expensive or an item that you want just for fun rather than need for an upcoming event, this prevents the extra hassle in returning the item or wasting money.


Know the store’s return policies

Worst-case scenario you don’t like the outfit, you want to be able to return the item without a huge hassle. Preferably, the store should have a return policy that supplies a full refund under reasonable conditions. However, even if the store does not allow returns, their items may still be high-quality and a good fit. As mentioned before, you can always start with a smaller purchase.

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Order a few weeks before events

If you find that a certain online store is reliable and provides quality clothing, you may want to order from them for an event. However, even with this established trust, you should still order at least a few weeks beforehand. This way, you can account for any delivery issues, along with returning any items if they do not suit you well or are the wrong size.

On the topic of shipping items, you should also take into account the shipping charge.

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Don't be afraid to buy a couple colours or sizes of the same outfit

Even if you get your measurements, know what colours work on you, and are absolutely positive that the outfit you are buying is the right fit, it can save you a lot of time to buy two similar items. Although you will need to return one, it's better than having to return the item that doesn't work and then wait for the new one to arrive. (Of course, this depends on the store's return policy. For example, if they don't accept returns, this is probably not a good idea.)

This may also apply beyond colours and sizes--you may want to order two different items from the same store, but with a similar style or fabric. You could even order from two different stores altogether, or use this technique to find a good price along with clothes that suit you!


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