Can You Fall In Love On Zoom? Let's Talk Finding Love After Lockdown

Let’s face it, life has been pretty hard without fun parties or lively events or… pretty much anything. Fortunately, we can at least retain a little of the fun with the wonderful feature known as the Internet.

Especially if you are trying to maintain or create relationships throughout the Covid-19 crisis, you may be wondering, “Can I fall in love online (more specifically, on a certain video call platform known as Zoom)?” The simple answer is, you certainly can!

girl calling zoom
Here are some reasons why a Zoom call can be the perfect way to fall in love!

Encourages Focus on Personality

When you interact over Zoom, you tend to base your relationship on common interests and personality rather than just appearance. This is mainly because the calls are more conversation-based as opposed to event-based or… touch-based. With Zoom calls, you can form a close bond for the long term before even meeting or having dates in real life.

Prevents an Extensive, Awkward First Date

Typically, conversations on Zoom or just online in general are more casual. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about having an awkward first date! You can always start with short calls, and, worse case scenario, just click the “Leave Room” button. No awkward scenes, just a quick rejection of the scumbag.

girls zoom call

Helps You Get a Feel of the Person

Because the calls are conversation-based, they can’t hide behind an elaborate date or other exciting events. In other words, you can just grow to love one another as you are.

And if the person does not want to do a video call with you, this may indicate a lack of flexibility (especially if they are someone you know in real life). This is certainly a red flag, so you can nip the problem in the bud without having your heart broken.

Also, if you met the person online, there is always the small chance that they are a catfish. Fortunately, Zoom calls make this possibility much slimmer—without you meeting IRL for the first time and experiencing an unwelcome surprise.

Potential Issues

Especially if you have met online, there is always the risk of that special person not being who you expected. When you already have a vision of how they look or even smell in person, meeting in real life for the first time can be off-putting.

However, there is also the potential that it will feel as if you had always known that person, deepening the relationship. If your relationship is based more on personality and interests as opposed to appearance, you will most likely experience this.

 girl calling zoom

In conclusion? You can definitely fall in love over Zoom! It is a better fit for those wanting to focus on personality, but if you prefer considering appearance, that is just as valid.

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