Elegance in the Past 50 Years

Whether you are looking for fashion inspiration or just enjoy learning more about the past, the elegant trends in the past 50 years are interesting and valuable information. Below, we have a few of the most popular elegant trends from 1970 to 2020.



Flared pants

As a fun, iconic outfit element, flared pants are a great way to stand out while still remaining elegant. You can wear bright colours such as the one below for a more bold look, or a base colour to give a subtle, smooth feel.

flared pants elegant fashion

Wrap dresses

As a sleek, beautiful outfit, wrap dresses are highly versatile and can work for both casual and formal occasions. Plus, they're often super comfortable!

wrap dress elegant


Padded shoulders

If you would like to add more shape to your outfit, padded shoulders are a great option. They can help fill out your upper body, and they are unique while remaining subtle and elegant.

padded shoulders elegant blouse

Off-shoulder tops

This look is probably for more formal occasions, but it's definitely elegant and classy! Plus, you have a lot of options: one shoulder or both, ruffles or no ruffles, dressy or sleek.

off shoulder dress elegant




Hoop earrings

This look can either be bold or elegant--or both. Either way, hoops are a great go-to option, and they can come in a variety of different sizes depending on your face shape and the look you are going for.

hoop earrings elegant fashion

Crop tops

Although they can sometimes be tricky to incorporate into elegance, when done correctly, crop tops can be the element that makes an outfit. They work great with short skirts, long dress pants, or even some casual clothing.

crop tops elegant clothes


Hair clips

Although a small element, these fun, quirky accessories are a great touch to any elegant outfit. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colours and styles!

hair clip elegant fashion

Strappy sandals

Whether you're going for a casual outdoor stroll or getting ready for a formal event, sandals are a great way to tie together almost any outfit--including elegance.

strappy sandals elegant fashion


Sportsy clothes 

Although they are not stereotypically considered elegant, sports clothes can come in pastels and similar colours. Their simplicity and smooth appearance can work great for the elegant look.

sportsy clothes elegant fashion

Flower crowns 

As an absolutely beautiful accessory, flower crowns can look great outside of a pretty field. Although they can easily go over the top, a subtle crown can be unique and breathtaking.

flower crown


Mini dress

Although simple, mini dresses certainly stand out and can make you the center of the room--all while remaining elegant. Because of their simplicity, mini dresses can come in a varieyt of cuts and colour schemes.

mini dress



Although it is more commonly thought of as a business-style outfit, blazers can look great for more casual events as well. If you would like to have a less feminine look while maintaining elegance, this is a good fit.




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