Elegance on Instagram—How to Pull It Off

Oftentimes, Instagram is about showing off and standing out. However, another important aspect of Instagram is aesthetics. If you want to make stunning Instagram pictures but aren’t a super flashy person, then opting for an elegant look may be the right way to go.

Below are some tips to achieve this look while having a successful platform.

  1. Focus on complementing elements

Because elegance tends to focus on simplicity of beauty, you’ll want to be sure that your photos are uniform with complementing elements. For instance, you should have a preplanned colour scheme, along with a unified theme. Also, you will want to find clothing that complements your natural appearance and scenery that suits your personality.

elegant instagram photo
  1. Focus on your target audience

Because elegant-style clothing is less mainstream, a big struggle is staying within your target audience. As a result, you’ll want to focus strongly on making posts for the right people.

One good way to do this is to avoid the temptation of following too many trends. Although using a few for inspiration is fine, trendy clothing is generally not as elegant, and following trends can take off the focus from your main goal.

Also, you will generally want to make your pictures more feminine (not necessarily girly), as most people interested in the elegant look are women who prefer looking feminine. Finally, you should consider the desired age demographic. Elegance for a 20-year-old will be different from that of a 60-year-old. Typically, you’ll want to appeal to about the age demographic you are in.

elegant look target audience
  1. Figure out a unique aspect for your posts

Because elegance not as trend-focused, posts with an elegant look can sometimes fade into the background. To help your photos stand out, you’ll want to find unique elements to incorporate.

The best ways to do this are in the photos themselves. For instance, if you have a unique ability or interest (for example, writing, hiking, animals, music, or art), you can occasionally incorporate them into your pictures. Along with making the pictures unique, this will help you create your own brand.

Also, you can use beautiful captions. Although the person will need to be interested in the post first, well-written captions can help the audience feel more connected. Speaking of connection, you’ll likely want to have a high audience engagement, giving your audience the opportunity to participate in challenges or respond to cues in your posts and stories.

elegant look instagram
  1. Emphasize aesthetics

Along with being unique, your photos should be highly aesthetic to draw in more people. To do this, you will want to have unified themes and plan a variety of unique settings you can take your images at. Depending on your style, you may take more indoor or outdoor pictures, but you’ll want a combination of both if possible.

Another important aspect of aesthetics is editing photos to make them more visually appealing. However, this does not mean modifying your actual appearance, as elegance is designed to help enhance your natural features.

Instead, you should find an editing program (there are several inexpensive or free ones!), where you can edit for the more technical aspects such as exposure, contrast, and saturation. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it will take some practice to learn how these aspects work, but this simple step will take your photos to the next level. Although using them may seem simpler, you’ll usually want to avoid filters, as they often reduce the quality of your image. Plus, they are less precise than manually editing the photos.


photo editing elegance instagram
  1. Find unique poses and angles

One essential way to give your photos interest is to consider how you are posing and what angles you can use. For instance, you may use props such as chairs, ladders, stairs, and railings, so you can get more creative with posing (also, they can really help tie together a theme!). Also, angles such as having the camera pointed upwards from the ground, or closeups of the outfit you are wearing, add uniqueness to the photos.

In other words, be creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment! For the first few photoshoots you do, it will take extra time to know what poses and angles work for you, but you will eventually have a good go-to list. Also, as shown in the model below, you don't have to do super extreme posing. Your goal is simply to have unique posing that displays the clothing well and goes with the look you are going for (namely, elegance).


elegant posing instagram



Although having an elegant style on Instagram can be a bit challenging at first, you can use several methods to help your photos stand out! Also, considering your target audience and expressing your interests/hobbies on your profile will help streamline your endeavor.

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