Elegant Makeup Looks Inspired by Our Models!

Generally, someone who wants to be elegant should look put together while maintaining simplicity. A great way to communicate this is through using carefully selected makeup.

Today, we're featuring some of our beautiful models to show you some amazing makeup looks. If you'd like to take a look at additional angles, we also included links to their full photograph sets on the images. Since less is more (but more makeup can be fun too!), we went from the lightest, most natural looks to more formal, "heavier" makeup looks. 

Natural/ "no makeup” look

natural no makeup

If you're struggling to know what to do makeup-wise, this is a great option. The goal of this look is to make it appear like you have no makeup while accenting your natural features. For instance, you can use a light amount of makeup to smooth out the skin, bring out highlights and structure, and apply eye makeup that is close to your skin tone. A touch of lipstick that’s close to the lip's natural color works well too.


Makeup Enhancements

light elegant makeup

This makeup style allows you to enhance your appearance in a way that it's clear that you're wearing makeup, while at the same time keeping a natural look. In this case, the model is wearing false eyelashes, but she's using eyeshadows closer to her skin tone to show the natural beauty of her eyes. Also, she is wearing lipstick and likely makeup in a way that makes her lips appear slightly larger, but she's still using a natural colour and keeping within a natural range. Like the previous model, she uses light foundation, highlighter, and blush to show her natural features, although they are a little stronger.


Light Eye Makeup/Bright Lipstick

light elegant makeup


This is a great look if you have very light eyebrows and eyelashes. Most people tend to try to darken those features, so doing this allows you to stand out without using excessive makeup.

For this model, she has a light pink eye shadow along both her upper and lower lids. Although she uses a little mascara, it's very light, which allows her to show off her reddish hair and light eyelashes. Her makeup also draws attention to the eyes. Finally, the bright lipstick gives her a very defined look without appearing flashy (which, although a fun look, is harder to pull off as an elegant style).


Rosy Makeup

light elegant makeup

A rosy appearance can give a cute, classic look to your elegant outfit--all while maintaining a natural appearance. Although this look is most often seen with pale skin and a cool tone, it can work well with darker skin tones as well (you just have to find a shade of blush that blends well, generally orangish for a warm tone and purplish for a cool tone). As shown with this model, she wears moderate blush, lipstick that brings out the pink in her blush, and a similarly-colored eyeshadow.


formal elegant makeup


Above is an example of the rosey look, but with a darker skin tone. One difference is that she uses slightly heavier lipstick and bronzer. However, like the previous model, she chose a colour for the lipstick and eyeshadow that would help her blush stand out.

Artistic Eye Shadow

formal elegant makeup

If you want to be a little more creative and bold while maintaining the elegant look, this is a great option! For this model, she uses light eye makeup on the lids but brings it out to a darker pink around the sockets. Also, she uses lipstick and blush that complement the colours of her eye makeup. 

Although optional, she includes drawn eyebrows, clear highlights, and bronzer, which are great for pictures but may appear a little heavy in real life. However, it does help provide a seamless look throughout the face.


Picture-Perfect Makeup

formal elegant makeup

This look is similar to the previous, except the model focuses more on the facial makeup and has slightly different eye makeup. Generally, this look is best for photos, although it can be great for real life when done correctly too.

With clear contouring along her nose and jawline, the model uses a generous amount of highlighter and bronzer. To enhance the look, she has heavy lipstick and drawn-in eyebrows.

For her eyes, she uses a firmer eye liner and wider range of colours in the lid. Her eye makeup is white along the inner corner and liner, gradually transitioning to dark pink in the outer corner. Also, she has dark makeup transitioning to light in the eye socket. 


At the end of the day, makeup is a huge part of having an elegant look. Whether you meticulously consider small aspects of colour coordination and enhancement of your physical features, or you decide to stand out by wearing no makeup at all, this choice is an important way to tie your look together.

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