Fashion Inspiration for Summer 2021

As more people begin to hang out with Covid-19 coming to a close, you may be looking to revamp your closet for summer 2021. Fortunately, there are some really fun trends this year. We have selected a good balance between popular trends and wearable clothes items, which are sure to be items that you will not only love right now, but continue wearing throughout the year.


Whether you are just wanting a cute outfit to wear when out and about or looking for trends that are less feminine, these casual outfits are perfect fits.

Black and white

Commonly referred to as monochrome, this colour combination (or lack thereof) works well for a sharp, professional look. It can be worn as shown on the model for a subtle, clean appearance, or it can be used with flashy stripes to stand out.

 black and white trend 2021

 ForeverHerDay offers a close match with their white midi skirt, which can be worn with a black blouse.


As more of a “fun” outfit, this is a great outfit for hanging out with friends or at parties. It can be worn as a bra or short crop top with either pants or shorts. Oftentimes, the design uses bright colours.

 two-piece trend 2021

Following this trend, ForeverHerDay has a beautiful crop top and skirt set.


For those looking for cute outfits outside of the highly feminine trends, this jacket can give either a formal or effort-free look—or both! It goes well with pants or shorts, and the wearer has quite a bit of flexibility with the type of blouse they want to wear underneath. Regardless of how the person dresses, this is sure to create a sharp, distinct appearance.

 blazer trend 2021

ForeverHerDay offers a blazer and short set, which look almost exactly like the one on the model!

Cargo pants

As a highly flexible clothing, this works well with all of the previously mentioned trends. It gives a sharp appearance while still creating a clean, casual outfit that is not over the top.

cargo pants trend 2021

Although not quite cargo pants, ForeverHerDay's white pleated pants follow a similar principle.


These outfits are perfect for more formal occasions or when you want to stand out.

See-through material

This is perhaps one of the most unique (and wearable) trends of this year. Whether it is fishnets, mesh, or other see-through material, many people are wearing them over their outfits. They have found that it works with anything—dresses, shirts, pants, even swimsuits as shown on the model. Ensuring comfort while standing out, this is an effort-free and fun trend.

see-through trend 2021

Also imitating the crop top and pants trend with its bra piece, ForeverHerDay's sheer white bodysuit is a great place to start.

Colourful floral designs

As a design that works well with both blouses and dresses, this is an adaptable, feminine, and classic look. Depending on how it is worn, it could be considered a hybrid between a casual and dressy look.

 floral design trend 2021

Offering a floral design in a trendy colour (aka yellow), this printed silk scarf is a lovely accessory.

Sparkly dress

Perhaps one of the showiest trends, this glamourous concept is great for both parties and more formal events. Typically best with dresses, the design works with variety of lengths and fits.

 sparkly dress trend 2021


Loose, short dresses

Creating a soft and simple look, this outfit is great for a day at the beach or a casual hangout with friends. If desired, you can also dress it up with a jacket for more formal occasions. The dress goes great with pastel colours, such as aqua grey-green (which happens to be a trendy colour).

 loose short dress trend 2021

 Available in a variety of colours, ForeverHerDay has a simple yet distinct side split jumper top tunic dress.

Multicolour stripes

As a fun and exciting design, multicolour stripes work with both shirts and dresses. They can be worn in a variety of bright colours, as shown on the model.

 multicolour stripes trend 2021

ForeverHerDay offers a gorgeous striped bodycon dress, which can have the primary stripes as either purple or green.

In summary, 2021 is the year for semi-formal looks that are also designed for comfort. Typically, people will wear either bright colours or black and white, although some pastel colours are nice to create a pretty, elegant look. Because of the variety of looks, people can experiment and incorporate popular trends into their own style.

Are you inspired and would like to find some beautiful clothes for this summer? Along with the ones previously shown, ForeverHerDay has some beautiful and exciting outfits to choose from.

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