How to Ace the Smart Casual Look

Even if you are not wearing it to the workplace, smart casual is the perfect way to create a simple, elegant look, balancing formality with comfort. Whether you wear it for meetings or casual outings, this look allows you to stand out in a positive way.

Also, when you look in the right places, smart casual outfits can be put together more seamlessly than formal looks.

Although smart casual is a fairly flexible style, the following are a few fun trends if you want to try something new. We have also hand-selected some options from our store to give you some inspiration.

Warm Weather Options

Simple dress

Whether it is sleeveless or has short sleeves, this option can easily be both comfortable and elegant since it does not need to be flashy or formal. You can either pair this option with a subtle belt or allow it to be free-flowing—both options are beautiful.

Sandals with slight heel

When you find the right ones, these shoes can be both comfortable and elegant. Especially if you expect to walk around a lot for things such as outings with friends, you don’t need a super high heel—just a little bit will do.

Sleeveless Blouse

Although simple, a loose white blouse is a highly flexible, comfortable, and affordable option. The sleeveless blouse pairs well with options such as loose-fitting pants.

As shown below, ForeverHerDay's Shoulder Pad Jersey Tank Top is a wonderful option.

elegant white blouse

Cool Weather Options

Although they may be a little too warm to wear on a summer afternoon, these options are perfect for the early evening and will carry you all the way through to autumn winter for maximum versatility.

Trousers/loose-fitting pants

This option can be coordinated with many different outfits. Classy and affordable, trouser pants are the perfect way to subtly stand out without being too flashy.

The White Pleated Pants from ForeverHerDay are an excellent option!

dress pants business casual


A classic element in smart casual looks is the blazer.  Blazers add a slight formal edge without going over the top. Again, they are much more affordable than a real suit or other formal options.

ForeverHerDay features a Khaki Blazer and Shorts Set, which is perfect for a cool summer's day.

blazer and short set

Works with Both

Plain colours

Regardless of the outfit you choose, smart casual tends to require plain, simple colours, which creates a smooth, distinct outfit without bordering into flashy.

At ForeverHerDay, we offer an array of smart casual clothes with plain colours, particularly in our Elegant Collection.

Button-up blouse

This one may be a summer option if you decide to wear a blouse. However, it can also serve as a winter option, especially if worn with a blazer. Regardless, this top is flexible and can come with many different styles.

We offer a Puff Sleeve Collarless Blouse, which is an elegant option and versatile for the office as well as semi-formal occassions.

white button up blouse

Elegant skirts

Although edging more into formal, this option is perfect for a dressier yet still comfortable and affordable outfit. You can often pair this with simple tops to maintain the smart casual look.

 Our White Midi Skirt is a perfect option!

white midi skirt
As shown through our variety of smart casual outfits, ForeverHerDay specialises in a classy yet unique appearance, all while offering affordable prices. Feel free to check out our website and blog for more inspiration!

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