How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

First of all, let's get clear on why we want to create a capsule wardrobe; if you feel like you have loads of clothes but can never find anything to wear, a capsule wardrobe might be the solution for you.


Know Your Options

Capsule wardrobes allow us to use the clothes we have to maximum effect by knowing what our options are in terms of mixing and matching them with other pieces in our wardrobe.

It can be a bit of a detailed process to create a capsule wardrobe so we will try our best to keep it breif.  So here are the basics.

Use these simple tips to take control of your wardrobe, manage your spending and know which pieces you need to invest in so that you can dress with confidence, even at short notice, without always feeling that you have 'no clothes'


Create Your Capsule Wardrobe in 4 Simple Steps

1. Pick a base colour. 

Typically black or blue but not both (because the two don't go well when you wear them together... think about it!)

2. Get Neutral

Chose both tops and bottoms that you have that are solid colours like grey, white, beige, soft denim colours etc.. these are classic colours that never go out of style.  You can also pick tops and bottoms that are the same as your base colour.  Set all of these aside.


Now you want to select pieces for your capsule. Out of all the clothing in your wardrobe you want to narrow down your selection to 5 tops and 5 bottoms.  Keep reading for the details...



3. Select a range of Bottoms

If you can, select 5 different types of bottoms.  Here's a few examples: skinny jeans in blue or grey, yoga pants in grey, black cropped trousers, black or grey pencil skirt.


4. Select a range of Tops

Again, using your neutral colours that you chose earlier.  In this case you might want to chose pieces such as a short sleeved T-shirt in white or grey, a grey cardigan, a white button up shirt, a beige cardigan, a lightweight denim shirt and you also want to add a black dress for that unexpected night out.


The key to having a well organised wardrobe that really serves you is to take some time to plan all the options that the outfits give you.  So when you are ready to go somewhere, you know what to pick out. 

Here's how you'll know if you've done it right.  Ask yourself these questions:

Ask yourself...

1. Can I mix and match each of the pieces I've chosen for my capsule with at least 3 other items in my capsule and they co-ordinate well?

2. How many outfits can I create with my capsule wardrobe?

3. Do the looks that I've created fit with my personal style?

If not, update the pieces that look a bit tired or that don't feel like 'you' any more.  Find good quality affordable womenswear fashion, like the type that we offer here at ForeverHerDay

4. Does the fit and fabric work for me? 

If you've added or lost weight, no problem - just make sure you update your wardrobe accordingly.  Maybe you don't really want to go a size up or down because you want to stay your ideal size... we get it.  But, it's guaranteed that you will look better if you are wearing a really nicely fitted jeans, top, trousers, skirt or dress instead of ones that are too tight or that are falling off you - because that will just ruin all of your hard work of creating this capsule wadrobe in the first place!

5. Do these items work with my lifestyle? 


Final Touches

Once you have created your capsule wardrobe which, if you've followed these tips, should include a range of pieces that you can mix and match.

Now there is one final step which we actually think is the best thing about having a capsule wardrobe.  Read on!


1. Add some colour.  

Be creative and add some colour to your wardrobe - it'll make you feel good!  Colour enhances our mood and energises us. 

There is nothing worse than always dressing NOT to be noticed and sometimes it can get that way with neturals if you're not careful.  That's why you need to regularly add colour to your wardrobe.


2. Get one or two of your favourite designer looks or pieces

Now you know that you won't be able to wear these past their season but you also know that you've got your capsule wardrobe all in order so you will never be without something to wear. 

I mean, after all that hard work putting your capsule wardrobe together, don't you deserve a reward?


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