How to Find the Right Earrings for You

Whether you choose extravagant hoops or classy studs, earrings are a great way to express your personality while tying an outfit together. Today, we'll be going over how to find earrings that suit you. Generally, this process requires three steps.

woman beautiful earrings

1. Complement Face Shape

Generally, different face shapes work well with different earring shapes. Because of this, you'll want to identify your face shape and keep it in mind. We've listed the most common face shapes below, along with advice on what earrings to wear.

Note: For earrings, a lot of people tend to “prefer” jewelry that makes their face more closely resemble the oval shape. With this in mind, we decided to do that as well. However, wear what you personally like, even if it does emphasize how your face is different from an oval shape. Even though the oval face shape is more popular right now, all face shapes are beautiful.


As the name implies, an oval face is defined by a smooth shape without a sharp jawline or overly distinct cheekbones. Also, the length of the face is roughly twice as much as the width.

Although practically any earrings work well with this shape, round or oval earrings can allow the features to stunningly stand out. Also, this face shape works well with triangle earrings for contrast, or simple studs to bring more attention to the face.

oval/oblong face shape



This face shape is similar to oval, except it has more of a boxy shape and is generally a little longer. To help add width to the face, voluminous earrings, especially those that are shorter, can be a great choice.

oblong face shape


This face shape is similar to the oval, except it has a slightly smaller length and larger width. Some guides go so far as to say the length and width have to be one to one, but any face shape that has a more circular appearance can count as round.

To help make the face more closely resemble an oval shape, you can use longer, dangly earrings. If you would like to avoid emphasizing the width of your face, you'll want to avoid hoops and studs.

As a note, this model has mostly a round face shape, but she also has components of the heart shape. Let's dive into that!

round face shape



As shown with the model below, the heart shape is a bit like the oval, except there is a clear tapering off that starts around the jaw and ends at the chin. Because of that, people with heart face shapes generally have somewhat pointy chins.

As for jewelry, earrings that are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top provide wonderful contrast. For example, you could use chandalier and tear drop earrings. 


heart face shape


This is a close cousin to heart shape, except tapering happens more abruptly and lower down on the face (it starts at a little less than halfway to the cheeks). Because of this, the chin is also less tapered.

Generally, you should use wider earrings for this shape. The model's face is also slightly oblong, which gives her another reason to use wider earrings.

diamond face shape


This face shape is a bit of a cross between the oblong, diamond, and round face shapes. While it has the boxy long of the oblong face, it also has the tapering of the diamond (albeit a little lower and boxier) and similar proportions to the round face.

Generally, medium to long earrings work well with this face shape. Also, hoops are great!

square face shape


As shown with these models, oftentimes your face will not completely align with any one shape. Many of them had traits from other face shapes; however, their overall structure most closely aligned with one.


2. Complement Hair and Eyes          

Once you know what earrings are best for your face shape, you can find earrings that suit your hair and eye colours.

As a general rule, gold earrings may work for people with blonde or light brown hair. However, gold tends to work best with warm skin tones (yellow/peachy undertones) or neutral skin tones as opposed to cool skin tones (blue/pink undertones). Since many naturally blonde people have a cooler skin tone, silver may be a better option for them. For more information on cool versus warm skin tones, check out this article.

Generally, platinum and silver jewelry tends to work best with darker hair. However, a similar rule applies: silver works better with cool skin tones as opposed to warm. Finally, for red hair, rose gold can work well.

Regarding complementing the eye, colours that are either the same or complementary can bring out the eyes and tie together your outfit. For instance, if you have blue or green eyes, you may want to use similarly-coloured jewelry. Also, you could use red jewelry if you have green eyes, or green jewelry if you have reddish brown eyes.

3. Find the Right Hair Style

If you decide to wear earrings, you'll want to select a hairstyle that allows them to be visible while complementing your natural face shape. Otherwise, your earrings will do nothing to complement your outfit and natural features.

To resolve this issue, you could do a ponytail, one to two braids, or a half-up half-down style. Also, you could strategically curl your hair to be pulled away from the ears, or you could simply tuck your hair behind your ears. However, you may want to use a little hairspray for those two styles, as the hair can easily fall over the earrings.

woman beautiful earrings

Much like outfit coordination, earrings require an assessment of your natural features and personal preferences. However, once you learn about those features, you can find jewelry that looks stunning on you and reflects your personality.

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(Except for the first and last ones, all images are public domain and from Pixabay. Credit goes to those owners.)

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