How To Find Your Personal Style

At ForeverHerDay, we love fashion and our goal is to help you find pieces that match your own unique style.  We also give you exclusivity so that you can feel confident in knowing that you won't see everyone wearing what you're wearing.  That's why we have limited stock on all lines - I guess it's a fashionista's dream!

Finding your personal style is a defining moment in life. It's a part of your journey that helps you to understand your own identity and succesfully communicate it to others through what you wear. 

It's a fun process that gives you an opportunity to experiment with different looks until you find the looks that fit who you are, and from there, it's just about using that as a guide to help you decide what pieces to invest in.

Personal Style shouldn't be something rigid that doesn't adapt with time - it can change as you do.  Equally, your personal style should not get thrown out the window every time a hot new trend comes out.  It's about striking a balance between the two so that you stay true to you and don't get lost in the tide of ever emerging new trends. 

To find your personal style, we would recommend the following, try out our suggestions and see how you get on...



To know what you like and what you don't like, you have to try out a couple looks first.  If you don't try on the looks you think are 'you', and maybe venture out in them, you'll never know how you feel when wearing them.


Do Your Research

Once you have an idea of the looks you like or how you want to dress.  Check out YouTube for "styling videos".  There are lots of great fashion stylists on YouTube and videos can help you to get an idea of  how to create different looks on a day-to-day basis. 


Focus On Yourself

If you feel like you want to stand out more, then sure, get some eye-catching looks.  But then, how do you feel when you go out in them?  Do you like the attention or not? 

If yes, great!  You've found one way to express yourself through fashion.  But, if you don't feel so comfortable in what you're wearing, that's okay too.  Maybe take it down a notch and find similar styles but in muted rather than bold colours, for instance.. a scoop neck rather than a V-neck so you don't show any clevage.

How you feel in the clothes is a great indicator of whether or not the look is right for you and you should always listen to yourself.


Create A Capsule Wardrobe

By investing in clothes that you can mix and match together you will be able to get lots of looks out of the clothes that you buy.  It's important to keep this in mind when shopping online for women’s fashion. 

You want to get pieces that you can wear more than once and mix and match with the other pieces that you already own.  That increases the options you have so you won't regularly be stuck on what to wear to a party or to lunch with the girls.


Be A Leader NOT A Follower

Bottom line - finding your personal style is all about having the confidence to wear what you love.  So, once you've found the looks you love, go ahead and wear them well!


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