Ideas for an Elegant Outing

Looking for some fun outing ideas? Whether you want to enjoy the outdoors or have some relaxing down time with your friends, we have the perfect looks for you! 

Go out for coffee or tea

This is a super flexible idea, and a great thing to do with friends! With this option, you can either go to your favorite shop, or try something new. Or you may opt to make the beverages yourself. If you’re looking to be extra fancy, there are also tea houses where you can have a traditional English tea with light pastries and dishes.

Outfit for the occasion:

elegant outfit coffee outing

Bake with friends

Speaking of pastries, you can also have a great time baking with friends. Although it is not as much of an outing (unless you do it at a friend’s house or find an opportunity to volunteer), baking together is a great bonding experience. There are lots of good online recipes available that you can explore, which you can use according to yours and your friends' baking abilities.

Outfit for the occasion:

elegant outfit baking with friends

Visit a museum

If you're looking for a peaceful outing, you can go to historical, science, or art museum depending on your interests. Generally, tickets are low-cost or even free.  Beforehand or afterwards, you can also enjoy a meal at a nearby café, especially if you're planning to have an all-day outing. 

Outfit for the occasion:

elegant outfit visit a museum

Go to a classical/orchestral music concert

Although classical music isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to have a fun time, shorter classical/orchestral concerts can be a great opportunity to enjoy music while still having a relaxing experience. Typical concerts are great, but they can be super high energy (and they're also expensive).

Both intense and peaceful concert options. Able to choose between more casual and formal clothing options since you’re not moving around nearly as much as in a typical concert.

Outfit for the occasion:

elegant outfit classical concert

Figure skate

If you want to move around without doing intense exercise (and while still being able to wear a cute outfit), rink skating is a great option. Featuring both indoor and outdoor selections, skating rinks typically concessions nearby, such as hot chocolate. Also, they almost always feature nearby stands with rental skates, so you don’t need to bring your own (but you may want to double check on the rink's website to be certain).

Outfit for the occasion:

elegant coat skating

Get Ourdoors

If you want to enjoy the outdoors in a care free way, why not go for an evening stroll? It's a fun, relaxing outing you can do with friends or family to ensure you are keeping your step count up.

Outfit for the occasion:

elegant outfit bonfire

Go clothes shopping

Whether you go to a local store or a mall, shopping for clothes with friends can be a fun experience. If you're on a budget, you don't need to worry about splurging. To focus your spending, you can write down the clothes you need and prioritize looking for those.

However, even just window shopping and maybe trying on a few outfits is a fun experience as well. Even online shopping can be fun when done with friends, especially from smaller shops that you have never gotten clothes from before.

Speaking of online clothing shops, ForeverHerDay is an online store that focuses on elegant clothing. Whether you're from the UK/Europe or live in an International location, we have some great options for you!

And there you have it. Casual clothing can still be an awesome excuse to wear casual, elegant clothing.

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