Must Have Beauty Buys on Amazon

Put that Prime Membership to good use and grab yourself these Amazon must-haves. Glow up with these bestselling beauty buys.


Lamora Pro Face Contour Brush Set

Lamora Pro Face Contour Brush Set

If you love makeup then you'll know that a good product needs a good application tool. If you want to tint, highlight and contour your face like a pro then a good set of makeup brushes is essential.  Here's our best buy:

Reviewers are crazy about these brushes and not because of the design.  These makeup brushes are highly durable, they make application easy and give a more professional finish.  Plus, they dont shed like some other brushes of a similar price point (we'll be nice and wont name the ones that do!!).  Plus, these Lamora Pro bruses are vegan and cruelty free. 

What the reviews say: "Loooove my new Kabuki Brush Set by Lamora, esp the flat top which I am after. Surprised at how flawless my foundation is using the flat top kabuki brush, and how soft but dense it is. Love the feel of it on my face during application. I bought an expensive Dior foundation brush previously and this is equally good for a fraction of the price, and a lot faster application too as it is slightly bigger. Highly recommended."

Available in black, red or pink.

FHD Rating: 4 out of 5

Get yours: View Lamora Pro Face Contour Brush Set


Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Revlon hot air volumising brush blow out amazon

Ok so this styling tool went viral on TikTok and the hype was not misplaced! The Revlon one-step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush completely eradicates the need for holding a hair dryer in one hand and a barrel brush in the other when doing a blow-out. The ceramic plating and ionic technology of course gives you fabulously shiny and smooth hair every time. Revlon.. thank you. we love you!

What the reviews say: "What a revelation! My hair looked so amazing, straight but with so much body, and it lasted for days."

FHD Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Get yours: View Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush


Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara


Here's what we did... first, curl your lashes, second, layer this mascara.  You will NOT believe your eyes.  Seriously, this Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara is THAT good. Oh and we heard it become popular thanks to the Murder Mystery and Makeup YouTube Channel... 

What the reviews say: "The best ‘value’ mascara I’ve used and I swear by it. I’ve stuck with this brand for about 2 years now. I apply 1 coat and allow to dry for 45 seconds - 1 minute, apply another coat. If I want a more dramatic look for evening then I’ll apply a third coat. No more difficult to remove then any other mascara. My absolute fave! Never again will I spend £23 on a mascara when this one works just the same. Recommended."

FHD Rating: 4 out of 5

Get yours: View Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara


Dr Teal's Foaming Bath


Ditch all your plans and get your bath robe out, you have a date with Dr Teal.  Yep, since doing your own spa treatments is something we've all become used to over recent months, we've tried out quite a few to find out which products give us that soothing, calming and exhilarating feel of our favourite spa.  It's not quite The Spa at the Manderin Oriental but for home treatments Dr Teal is ace and will get you off into relaxation mode in no time.

What the reviews say: "My experience is that most bubble bath bubbles and smell disappear within 10mins. NOT THIS ONE! Bubbles lasted right until the end and weren't much different than when in first ran the bath. The smell was intense and strong right till the end but not overpowering. It was so relaxing I found myself nodding off in the bath and when I went bed after I had a great nights sleep. Left skin feeling soft as well. Highly recommended".

FHD Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Get yours: View Dr Teal's Foaming Bath 


Finishing Touch Flawless Next Generation Facial Hair Remover

 finishing touch next generation hair remover


Since we're on the top of spa treatments, why not add this device to your facial routine?  The Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover whisks away peach fuzz and facial hair at the press of a button.  How does it work? The creators of this product say that "using spinning technology... the device removes even the finest of hairs without redness or irritation to the skin". 

What the reviews say: "Decided to go for the main branded one, and not disappointed! - Lovely product, simple to use and just keep in my handbag. Went for the rechargeable model and comes with a few replacement blades and all in a simple recyclable post friendly packaging which is good to see. 5 stars at the moment." 

FHD Rating: 4 out of 5

Get yours: View Finishing Touch Flawless Next Generation Facial Hair Remover


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