Our Top 5 Looks--Grunge and Elegance

As a highly distinct look in fashion, grunge is often associated with street fashion and alternative styles such as goth and punk. However, it can also work surprisingly well with an elegant twist. When you combine the two styles, you are in for a unique, awesome look.

If you're looking to spice up your winter wardrobe while maintaining comfort, the grunge look is a fresh change from the typical feminine sweaters and coats associated with purely elegant women's winter fashion. Hence why a grunge influence is a great idea for this winter.

Because they are nearly polar opposites however, combinining grunge with elegance is easier said than done. The best way to transition is to look at a popular connector of these two styles: street fashion. 

For instance, this model is wearing something that could easily be considered street fashion--and which happens to combine elegance with grunge. While she is wearing an elegant dress, she has grunge-style boots and a grunge-inspired cut at the sleeves of her dress. 

example grunge and elegant look

Using this method as a guide, we can combine other popular grunge looks with street style to create a unique, elegant look. Check out some of the ones below for ideas!


Black Top

As a simple yet distinct look, a black shirt alongside baggy, dark grey pants and converses is the perfect way to get a grungy look. With a few minor changes, we can make this look elegant.

grunge black top

For instance, the model below has the same general look, but with a more elegant cut for the top, smoother pants, and sunglasses as accessories. Certainly stylish and elegant!

grunge elegant crop top


Baggy Clothes

As the most commonly associated clothing with this style, baggy clothes are super comfy and also stand out. This look is already essentially elegant--we just have to change the type of fabric used to pull it off.

grunge baggy clothes

As shown with this model, she opted for a smoother fabric, slightly more neutral colours, and sandals instead of tennis shoes.

elegant grunge baggy clothes


Bright Crop Top

Honestly, crop tops go great with any general style. What makes the outfit on this model particularly grunge is the bright colour, bagginess, and style of jeans used.

grunge bright crop top

This model similarly used bright colours, but she has a slightly different cut and has paired the top with a skirt instead. Also, the material is a little more flowy. Honestly, this look could pass as purely elegant, but the grunge-inspired brightness does add a fresh change from the typical crop top and skirt pairing.

elegant grunge crop top


Plaid Dress/Skirt

Synonymous with the grunge look, plaid is an iconic and fun pattern choice. This model brought her outfit together with a bandana and ripped tights, making the look even more distinct.

grunge plaid dress

Again, we can use plaid as an elegant fashion choice through changing a few small details. In this model's case, she opted for a simpler look with a pretty plaid minidress.

grunge elegant plaid



As another feature that goes hand in hand with the grunge style, denim is super flexible and fun to wear. The model below decided to accompany her denim jacket with a plaid shirt and beanie, creating a distinctly grunge look.

grunge jean jacket

This model decided to use denim as well, but with smoother material and a different style. However, she retained some inspiration from the grunge look with the subtle rips and black top.

elegant grunge denim


Inspired by these elegant-grunge looks? If you'd like to try your hand on combining these styles yourself, feel free to check out ForeverHerDay's UK/Europe and International collections for some elegant pieces.


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