The Colour Of The Year Is...

Every year a company named Pantone decides which colour is 'The Colour Of The Year'. 

Who is Pantone? Pantone was founded in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert and essentially, Pantone is a system for identifying, matching and communicating colours for consistency across the priint and textile design industries.  For instance, if you want a particular shade of a colour, it needs to be identified somehow... and that is what Pantone is responsible for.  Pantone standardises colours so that each colour has it's own code and can be identified.

When did 'Colour Of The Year' begin?

For 20 years Pantone has selected a Colour Of The Year and has been influencing products in the fashion and home decor industries. It began back in the year 2000 and Executive Director of Pantone Leatrice Eiseman is the person behind Pantone’s Colour Of The Year.  In a 2014 interview, Leatrice explained that the choice wasn't made lightheartedly.  She would always look for colour trends , colours that were being used in more ways than before and in a broader context than before...


What is the Colour Of The Year 2021?

There are actually two Colours Of The Year for 2021.  The first is Ultimate Grey PANTONE 17-5104.  The second is Illuminating Yellow PANTONE 13-0647.  Two colours (or elements) that are said to come together to support one another.



Why were these colours chosen for 2021?

Well, it's quite simple really.  Take a look at the year everybody has had.  The colour match of Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow represents a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting. Ultimate Grey ecourages us to be strong, steady and to keep our composure.  Whilst Illuninating Yellow is the colour of optimism - it encourages us to stay hopeful and positive.



At ForeverHerDay we say the colour choices for Colour Of The Year 2021 are really well selected and we hope that you agree. 

Everyone in the world has been through a tough time due to the pandemic so we hope wearing these colours will have the impact that is intended and make you feel strong, positive and hopeful. 

We hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. xx

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