Using the Met Gala for Elegant Fashion Inspiration

Although known for its quirky and occasionally outlandish outfits, the Met Gala can also be an inspiration for elegant clothing that is suited to your personal style. Let’s take a look at the more iconic styles of Met Gala 2021 to see if we can’t take some inspiration!

(Note: ForeverHerDay is simply displaying these celebrities as examples for outfit inspiration. We are not endorsing them in any way.)

Nia Dennis

Sporting a stylish tracksuit with a shimmery mesh over the top, Nia was able to successfully combine a sportsy look with a more formal, elegant one. Certainly an outfit to take inspiration from!

nia dennis met gala 2021


Although a tracksuit may not be typically considered elegant, we can still use the tight fit, thin fabric, and beautiful colour, particularly with this dressy jumpsuit.

pretty blue jumpsuit

One Shoulder Jumpsuit


Jennifer Lopez

Perhaps one of the most classy looks on the Met Gala carpet, Jennifer Lopez's stunning, luxurious outfit certainly embodied her style. 

jennifer lopez met gala 2021

However, the fur jacket, glammy dress, full set of chunky jewelry, and sparkly high heels may be a little over the top for an elegant look--and definitely a little expensive. Even then, you can still look beautiful and fabulous with a simpler option. 

For instance, you can wear a pretty sequin gown...

sequin dress elegant

Sequin Evening Gown

...Or combine this chic dress with a pink fluffy coat.

elegant chic dress

V Neck Wrap Dress

pink fluffy jacket elegant

Casual Fit Jacket


Emma Chamberlain

Some of the biggest aspects with Emma's outfit that stand out are the unique colour scheme and geometric cut. 

emma chamberlain met gala 2021

Although the cut itself may be considered more modern than elegant, we can still take inspiration and use geometric shapes in our pattern. Below is an elegant way to imitate her outfit, featuring silky fabric and a simple cut.

elegant outfit

Pants and Open Coat Set


Ben Platt

Perhaps one of the simpler looks on the Met Gala carpet, Ben's outfit was a pair of jeans and a denim jacket. Even then, the silky white shirt and chunky black heels contributed to an elegant style.

ben platt met gala 2021

Clearly, you can take a lot of inspiration from this outfit, especially if you're going for a masculine but still elegant feel. For instance, we can opt for softer, smoother fabric but still follow a lot of the design. Here's a good way to do this:

elegant denim set

Tracksuit Shirt and Pants Set


Lorde's regal look certainly took the center of the stage as she displayed a unique colour scheme and cut.

lorde met gala 2021

The buttons on her outfit and the jacket's cut are more innovative than elegant, but we can still follow the style she used with a similar colour scheme and tassels.

elegant tassel vest and shorts set

Tassle Vest and Shorts Set


Dressed in an elegant ball gown, Normani's beautiful bright yellow dress with puffed sleeves certainly captured spectators' attention.

normani met gala 2021

Her outfit is definitely elegant, but it might be a bit unwieldy, especially in day-to-day situations. However, we can once again take inspiration from the colour and fit for a more simple style, as shown below.

elegant yellow dress

Ribbed Crop Top and Skirt Set



Overall, you can take inspiration from virtually any fashion show, no matter how extreme the clothes initially appear. Typically, fashion shows feature over-the-top outfits to stand out, but there's often a unique and beautiful element that you can incorporate into your clothing to make it your own.

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