Tips for Creating the Perfect Outfit

Whether you are dressing to impress or trying to plan out a comfortable but suitable outfit, you may be trying to find ways to create the perfect plan for your clothing. Fortunately, through using some strategy and keeping a few tips in mind, you can use what you already have to create the perfect outfit, combined with a few new, beautiful clothes that will last you a long time.

Consider the goal of the specific outfit

Before even getting the actual outfit together, you should consider not only the desired appearance, but also its wearability. For example, you should consider the temperature of where you will be and possibly the weather conditions (rain, for example). Also, you should consider the physical requirements of what you'll be doing (for example, a hike outside or working out at the gym).

Also, you should think about what you will prioritize in this outfit. Along with considering the practicality of it, you should think about whether you want a casual appearance or a more formal look.

woman hiking

Have a strong foundation

Before considering the fashion aspects of the outfit, you should have some basic pieces of clothing with a colour and fit that strongly suit you. Because they are intended to be simple designs, they may not be trendy. Sometimes, you may even find that the foundational part is all you need, depending on the occasion.  

woman wearing plain shirt

Consider more decorative highlights

This is the step that brings your well-fitting clothes to an outfit. Among these highlights, you should have a few standout items, such as patterned jeans, a certain belt, unique shoes, etc. that work well with several different types of clothing.

If it is a cooler season, you can also have an extra layer that serves as the decorative highlight. Alternatively, the layer can serve as the base (having a plain design) with a decorative blouse underneath.

As of now, many people also like the decorative highlight to be the plain clothing that they are wearing, but with a twist (for example, a unique fit). The model below shows this concept:

Have some aspect of contrast

Having a plain base and elaborate highlights is only one of the many ways you can express contrast. For example, you can have contrasting, complementary colours, or you can be sure that one part of the outfit is light and the other dark. You can even use two distinctly different types of fabric to create contrast (except for in the case of one-piece outfits, such as rompers without a jacket over them).

In this picture, the model has baggy jeans contrasted by a frilly, tight blouse. Although the contrast may not be as evident for your outfit (for example, just in jewelry, makeup, or hairstyle), this is a good illustration of the concept.

Try to match or blend a few things

This creates a look of uniformity throughout the outfit, showing that you were intentional with the design. Even if you decide to choose strong contrast, you should still have a theme or colour scheme throughout the outfit, or it will appear disorganized.

ForeverHerDay offers some clothing that are prematched for you in the co-ords matching sets line. Of course, you may prefer something that is not as obviously matchy, so you can follow a few tips.

For instance, you can match colours of accessories with the rest of the outfit. You can also wear the same metals for jewelry (all silver or all gold, for example).

If you decide to wear makeup with your outfit, you should also have it blend well with the outfit. This often requires having the same or a similar colour with the main parts of the outfit.

 With this model, we can see that she coordinated dark sunglasses with her boots and possibly her overalls/highlights in her hair. Although a more subtle match, the outfit would have appeared disjointed with bright-coloured glasses.

Don’t be afraid to look for clothing inspiration

Often, you can find unique ideas that work with the foundation you have already planned using the previous steps. Also, it helps gives you inspiration if you are struggling to think of any good ideas at all. Some common platforms include Pinterest and Instagram.

You can also look at ForeverHerDay’s social media profiles for more inspiration, as we have several pictures of models wearing the clothing we offer giving you good ideas on how to style the clothes you buy. For instance, we have a beautiful Instagram page and Facebook profile, depending on the platform you prefer. Also, we have a Youtube channel where we post engaging videos.


We hope that this blog gives you some clothing tips and inspiration! As always, feel free to check out ForeverHerDay's website for unique clothing and informative blogs.

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