Trending YouTube Makeup Artists to Watch in 2021

Whether you are looking to freshen up your look or need guidance on makeup technique, there are many incredible YouTube makeup artists who can assist with a variety of skin types and preferences. Although most of the in-depth tutorials are by YouTubers, they have Instagram accounts as well, which allows viewers to easily have both makeup guidance and fashion inspiration.

Shayla Mitchell

As a makeup artist who mainly does tutorials, Shayla specializes in bolder makeup looks. But she can do natural makeup as well! In the video below, she is giving one of her makeup tutorials. For more fashion and beauty inspiration, her Instagram handle is @makeupshayla.


PONY syndrome

Again, she mainly does makeup tutorials. Although she speaks in Korean, she provides an English translation in the video itself (not the auto-translate YouTube option). Below is one of her videos. She also has an Instagram handle displaying some of her newer makeup looks with aesthetic backgrounds: @ponysmakeup 

Jamie Paige

As a Youtuber who provides tutorials, makeup vlogs, and product recommendations, Jamie also does videos on general fashion. She is a regular poster and provides new videos every Monday and Thursday. Her Instagram handle is @jamiepaigebeauty, which displays some of her newest makeup looks.


Jackie Aina (YouTube)

She presents her tutorials and product recommendations in a lighthearted, comedic tone, which allows for both an entertaining and informational experience. She also does miscellaneous videos on beauty and lifestyle. For makeup and beauty inspiration, people can view her Instagram account @jackieaina.


Nikkie Tutorials

As someone who does bolder makeup looks, she provides tutorials that work will for those wanting more colorful styles. She also makes several videos for entertainment, many of which feature celebrities. She provides makeup and fashion inspiration on her Instagram account @nikkietutorials.


Susan Yara

Along with her tutorials, Susan offers beauty and lifestyle tips in several of her videos. She maintains a natural makeup looks throughout her channel. Her Instagram handle, which provides entertaining short videos and beauty tips, is @susanyara.


Ms. Aaliyah Jay

As someone who does natural makeup looks, Aaliyah specializes in makeup and hair tutorials. She also does several vlogs on her channel. Below is her makeup routine. Also, her Instagram account @aaliyahjay provides some beauty and fashion inspiration.


Lauren Kurtis

Along with makeup tutorials, Lauren also does some product recommendations and gives some hair tips. She can do both natural and showier makeup. Below are a few of her beauty tips. Her Instagram handle, @lozcurtis, shows many of her natural beauty looks.


Hannah Mussette

As an influencer who specializes in natural makeup, Hannah also provides some amazing tips for people with natural hair. Below is a skincare routine she follows. Her Instagram handle, @mussette, shows some of her natural makeup and fashion looks.

There are so many incredible YouTube makeup artists to gain inspiration and learn from. Are you looking for new makeup to use while watching these tutorials? ForeverHerDay provides some awesome cosmetics and skin products for you to try. Check out our fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle online shop for women at

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