Top 7 Fashion Trends--Fall 2021

Whether you want to closely follow this fall's trends or become inspired by unique looks, fall 2021 has much to offer! It embraces a variety of looks, including preppy, comfortable, and even niche styles such as Western. Regardless of your individual tastes, you are certain to like one of the trends listed below.


The academic look is back in style! Especially if you're currently a college student, this look can be a fun way to express your academic journey. One popular preppy selection is the sweater vest, which gives a cozy look without removing the academia feel.

This cute dress certainly gives the preppy feel with its checkered pattern and square sleeves. Also, its short cut is great for parties, and you can easily slip a jacket over when it gets cold.

cute preppy dress

Retro Red Checked Dress


Comfort fashion 

Worried about having to give up the classic fall comfort in favor of following trends? Fear no more! One of the biggest clothing trends for this fall is comfortable clothing, especially cashmere sweaters.

Below is an example of how you can incorporate comfort with fun colours and a trendy feel.

comfortable sweaters fall 2021

Patchwork Hooded Sweater

Colourful clothes

While some may associate fall with muted oranges and browns, this year will be different! Whether you want to wear bright green, striking red, or flashy blue, you can own those looks while following the current trend. Some more popular colours are bright orange, pink, yellow, and red--although any bright colour will do.

This fun sweater gives a slight academic look and could be considered comfort fashion. However, the most striking element of this outfit is how it combines a fall pallete while having bright colours. 

colourful fall sweater

Outdoor clothing

If you love the rugged outdoorsy look, then fall 2021 is the time for you! Along with being versatile and comfortable, outdoor clothing can be pretty cute when well put together.

Although this outfit is not technically outdoor clothing, the inspiration is certainly there with its buckles, zipper, and chosen fabric.

off-shoulder long sleeve crop top fall

Western-inspired clothing

Although the most popular item for this style at the moment is cowboy boots, virtually any Western-inspired clothing will follow this trend.

As with the outdoor clothing example, this selection is not actually Western clothing. However, the jean material and woven bag are reminiscent of the Western style.

western style clothing fall 2021

Long Sleeve Denim Blouse Dress


As shown in the two previously mentioned styles, you do not need to directly copy fashion trends. Instead, you can opt for a more subtle influence to make a creative outfit suited to you.

Cropped jackets

As shown in many of the previous outfits that align with the fall 2021 trend, a style that is continuing to be popular is cropped jackets, which may or may not expose midriff. As always, cropped shirts and sweaters are a popular go-to as well!

This blazer and skirt set is an excellent representation of how fall 2021 trends can be followed even in a business setting.

cropped jacket fall 2021

Blazer & Skirt Set



If you're looking for a more glamorous way to follow the fall 2021 trends, this option is a great inspiration. Although this is especially popular on shoes right now, jewels anywhere on your outfit, whether in the form of jewelry or incorporated into the clothes themselves, are a trendy way to stand out.

You don't have to wear jewels to this extent, but this outfit is great for parties and a good way to illustrate the trend.

jewels dress fall 2021


As shown through these examples, which are all highly adaptible and cover a wide range of looks, you can follow fashion trends while incorporating your own sense of style. You may follow a trend that happens to closely align to your style, or come up with an outfit that is loosely inspired by a trend. Either way, you can be trendy and classy by finding in-style outfits that suit you.

Like the fall 2021 trends, ForeverHerDay has a wide array of clothing suited to many different styles and preferences. Feel free to check out our UK/Europe and International options for more inspiration!

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