Valuable Tips To Get That Job With A Start-Up

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If you haven't had a chance to watch Swedish Netflix Original Series 'Snabba Cash' (which translates as Easy Money) then you need to check it out.  

After a little research, we've come to learn that this hit TV series was actually written by bestselling trilogy novelist Jens Lapiduss who wrote Stockholm Noir.

However, there is one major difference in the storyline of this TV adaptation - Snabba Cash flips the gender roles and the main character is a woman (which, of course, we love!).

Snabba Cash follows single mother Leyla as she navigates life as a parent and also as a startup entrepreneur.  Juggling the two is no easy feat however she is determined to do what she has to in order to make her startup tech company the next 'unicorn'. There are lots of twists and turns in the story line - some trajic, some euphoric but the overrarching message is that achieving great success is not easy... but it is possible, no matter where you come from, no matter who you are.

So, what are the most valuable tips for someone wanting to work at a startup? 

Let's Get Into It...

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So – let’s be real here, landing a job at a start-up business isn’t easy. Why?

Well, the clue is in the name – they are a start-up, which may mean that they have very little recruitment budget and a very small body of staff.

In fact, let’s be even more real here – simply finding a job with a start-up isn’t easy. Here's why;

That small body of staff is often so full to the brim with other jobs to do, that they don’t even have time to post that they are looking for a new member of staff; you will quite often have to approach them or be on their periphery.

So, if you don’t even know who’s hiring, how do you start?

Well, here’s the word on everybody’s lips in business…


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Firstly, keep up to date with the latest start-ups, find out about what they are doing and don’t be scared to show some confidence and reach out to them.

By staying in the eye line of a business and actively showing an interest, you will naturally become one of the first that they think of when they have a position that needs to be filled. If you are supportive before you are an employee, it will only hold you in good stead.

Once you’re through the door, what next?

Be willing to do a variety of different jobs

When you work with a start-up, you will predominantly be hired to fill one role, but you must be able to show that you are flexible and open to working over other disciplines, too.

A start-up doesn’t have the budget to pay for one person for each role, so they are looking for people to perform over a wider variety of areas. As the start-up grows, each job will eventually niche down and become more focused.

Be Passionate

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When you work with a start-up, you will more than likely come into direct contact with the brains behind the business; this business is their baby and they want you to care about it just as much as they do.

Show that you are passionate, open to growth and excited about what they are doing. If you show that you want to actually be a part of a company as opposed to a name on pay roll, they will be eager to welcome you into their small yet perfectly formed team.

Educate Yourself On Competitors


Knowing about the business itself isn’t enough – you need to understand who their competitors are and be keen to show how you can help them to do better. If you can demonstrate that you look further than the four walls of the business itself, it will hold you in very good stead as the owner themselves will have already done this analysis.

Be Social And Individual

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Many start-ups value the presence of social media, so don’t be scared to be yourself and reach out to them. Just be careful to ensure that you are professional and relatable without behaving in a way that is ‘off brand’.

Be respectful and interested in their business, whilst showing what you can bring to the company as an individual – it is individual characteristics of employees that make start-ups stronger.


Now you have some great tips on how to get a job with a start-up. Once you've followed the steps above and have bagged your first interview, all that's left to do is the all important task of deciding what to wear!  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Shop fashion in the styles you love at ForeverHerDay

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