Confidence is Queen

Have you ever been to an event and somebody enters the room... You don't know this person and have never spoken to them before but there's just something about them that you cant put your finger on. 

Is it the stylish clothes they're wearing?  Is it the way they do their hair?  Ladies, you know what we're talking about... if not, then maybe YOU are that someone!

You glance at them and try not to stare but honestly, you really want to look at them some more and hell, you don't even know why!!

Well, we think we might have the answer of what that "something about them" is... it's called presence, and having presence is a by-product of that thing we can never get enough of.  Yep, you guessed it,  it's confidence.

Why Confidence Is The Best Accessory

If you're confident then you're sure of yourself and your abilities.  You dont need somebody or some "thing" to make you feel like you are enough because you already know that you are.

Having confidence doesn't make you arrogant or give you a superiority complex - no, that's not what confidence is all about.  Confidence is about being happy and comfortable with who you are.  

What Confidence Gives Us

Confidence gives us a positive outlook on life and a self belief that we can achieve the things that we dream of and are working towards.  It gives us courage to compete and the self-belief that we can win. 

Confidence helps us pick ourselves up after dissapointment so that we can learn from our experiences without being discouraged from trying again.

Confidence is also the foundation of having high self-esteem that gives us the courage to say NO when we need to without fear of the repercussions. This helps us to protect ourselves in difficult situations.

How To Build More Confidence

The best thing is that confidence is a learned behaviour, attitude and way of feeling or thinking. So, its something that we can all create for ourselves with a little discipline and commitment. 

Want to be a more confident person? Here's 5 tips to get you on your way.

1. Persoal Grooming

Looking your best is a great way to improve self-esteem.  There are few things that are quite as satisfying as looking at yourself in the mirror in a freshly pressed outfit with your hair, makeup and nails done or looking tidy.

2. Positive Thinking

What's the point in thinking negatively all day long?  That's a surefire way to ruin your life and who wants to do that to themselves?  Be optimistic, so that you can feel good because when you feel good, life will be better.

3. Act Positive

This one is self explanitary.  Do whatever you do it with a good attitude - even the things that you don't really want to do but that you know are good for you and your future. This shows you your own strength and discipline and will have you start admiring yourself!

4. Get Ready

Got something coming up?  A driving test, an exam or job interview?  Prepare yourself!  When you get yourself ready for life’s big events things are so much more likely to go well for you leaving you with a lot of happy memories to look back on when you get the results you hope for.

Yes it might take a little time out of your usual schedule to study or whatever but when you ace it, you already know that it’ll be worth it.

5. Set Goals And Achieve Them

Is there something that you really want to be or have? Work for it!  When you put your mind to doing something and actually make it happen, your confidence will sky rocket like you've never seen before. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and you’ll see!

So there you have it.  Those are our 5 top tips for boosting confidence. 

Good luck! xoxo


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