What To Wear On A First Date

Need some inspo for what to wear on your first date with that special someone?  Check out our blog for some tips.

The Look: A Cut Above

Ready to put yourself a cut above the rest and leave the competition behind? (yes... dating can sometimes feel like a sport, iydk!) 

Show your date that he's going to have to put in some work for you to consider him an option, by turning up in this dress.

Yep, really.  Our Celeb Style Dresses pretty much says it all.  Swanky resturants, riverside drinks.  This is the perfect piece to make sure that you will be remembered.


The Look:  Head Turner

Want your future beau to know what a catch you are?  These dresses will certainly set his temperature running high!

The Little Black Dress

Goes without saying that this is a safe but extremely effective first date option.  It's a little known fact that the rise of the LBD was down Chanel's 1926 Vogue magazine cover which then began the reighn of this fashionable staple.

Why does every girl need a little black dress?  Simple really, it slims the body, frames the face, and will hide any imperfections in either the tailoring of what your wearing or the lumps and bumps that every woman can expect at some stage or another..

When you want to make an impression, the LBD is a no-brainer.  Not only does it look stunning on all body types, it also adds height and adds to your mystique.  Just what you need when you are reeling him in (I mean, come on, you're the catch!!)

Check out our Women's Dresses Collection to see more


The Look: Quirky

As you know, we love being a little different and keeping things interesting.  Our I.D line gives you the looks that make a statement without you having to say a word.

Our Dragon Dress is a great first date idea for the alternative look.  

Depending on where you're going on your date, team with the Dragon Dress with over the knee boots or if you're feeling a low-key vibe, just wear with trainers. The dress alone speaks volumes so you don't have to add much more!

Wear as shown by our model or over our Spaghetti String Bodysuit (just makes sure you are all covered up underneath!)


The Look: Casual

Some of our team struggled to understand why it makes sense to dress casual on a first date.  Of course you want to be jaw dropping, of course you want to make that date memorable, BUT, you also want to give a real insight into who you are. 

Everyone is different so if you are more of a laid back casual vibes kind of girl, then showing that from the get-go will really help you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and help you to relax so that you can let your personality shine. 

Another reason why you might want to go casual on a first date is if you are doing some type of activity together like indoor rock climbing or hiking or any kind of sport,really.  Hopefully it goes without saying - the casual look DEFINATELY works for this type of date.  

For casual dates jeans definately work.  But we all know that it's what you pair your jeans with that can make or break your look.  Check out our Tops to find the right look for you! 

And there you have it.  Some great Casual first date looks!


No matter what your style is you can find the perfect first date look at ForeverHerDay.com

Thanks for shopping at ForeverHerDay xx

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