What You Should Wear to a Job Interview

At a job interview, first impressions are everything. Realizing that, you may become nervous as you try to figure out what you should wear. Should you wear a more formal outfit to impress the interviewer? Or should you opt for a more casual look to play it safe?

Generally, you will want to dress for your potential work environment, whether that be formal, casual, quirky, etc. You can gather clues for the work place's dress code by looking at their website and visiting the work site--if the dress code requirements are not in the email for your interview request.

However, even if you are uncertain about what the work environment will be, you can always choose an elegant style, which is both professional and able to be dressed up or down. Along with this upfront benefit, elegance is a classy and timeless, so it will accommodate to your interviewer regardless of their personal tastes. Because of this, the elegant look often blends into a variety of work environments.

When paired with the Smart Casual look (more information in this article), you are more likely to appear as an authority in your field. Of course, this look would suit a high-end office job better than a position in a more casual setting, but it's certainly an option to consider.

Below are a few outfit ideas that are both elegant and suitable for a job interview setting.


Silky blouse with simple skirt

Among the most flexible looks, this outfit is relatively simple and suitable for a variety of settings. It's super easy to dress up or down, allowing you to even make small adjustments to the outfit if the work setting is different from what you expected.

blouse and skirt interview outfit

Khaki pants with blazer and heels

If you're interviewing for an office job that prefers business casual or business formal clothing, this is a great go-to look. Again, it's pretty easy to dress up or down, although it may be too formal or business-like for certain settings.

heels and business pants interview outfit

Wraparound dress

If you'd like to go for a more dressy and feminine look, a wraparound dress or matching blouse and skirt set is a good option. While remaining simple and elegant, a dress can help you stand out and look put together.

formal dress interview outfit

Blouse and shorts

Especially during the summer months (and when anxiety makes the room feel a lot warmer), you may want to opt for lighter clothing. However, you may be concerned that this will make you come across as unprofessional. Fortunately, options such as a light blouse and khaki shorts can curtail this problem, all while giving you the opportunity for comfort.

blouse and shorts interview outfit


When you wear the right clothing to an interview, it not only helps you come across as more professional, but also helps boost your confidence. Feeling put together will help you feel less nervous and more prepared for the desired position.

Even then, you likely still feel nervous about the upcoming interview, and possibly a little underprepared. With this in mind, we decided to drop a few tidbits and tips, so you can come to the interview both looking and feeling great.

1. Practice a few popular questions

Thinking of your answers to popular questions such as "What makes you a good fit for the position?", "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?", and "How has your relevant experience equipped you for the job?" will help you share all the details you wanted to, along with avoiding awkward silence as you try to gather your thoughts together.

2. Eat a good meal and get sufficient rest

Interviews are a lot like tests--they are mentally demanding and require quite a bit of energy. You should treat them as such, being sure to take extra care of your body the day before.

3. Research the company

Likely, the interviewer will give you an introduction to the company. However, you will want to have this knowledge ahead of time, so you can tailor your answers and know whether you are a good fit for the position.

4. Always keep conversations professional, but avoid making them uptight 

Depending on the work environment, some interviewers will be more casual and ask small-talk questions to assess your personality. While you can take advantage of these questions to alleviate your anxiety and have an ice breaker, you should keep your responses professional. This certainly does not mean cold or uptight, as you want to have a friendly, approachable personality. At the end of the day, however, you are being assessed in a professional setting, so you'll want to keep your conversations in this tone.

5. After your interview, email or write a note thanking for their time

This is a great example of staying professional, but also being friendly to the interviewer. A simple thank you note demonstrates your appreciation of the time they set aside and can also help you stand out from other candidates. Plus, it facilitates a professional relationship between you and the interviewer, so you can more quickly know whether you were accepted, and be more likely to know why you were rejected (if this happens).


As short sessions that rely heavily on a first impression of your experience, abilities, and personality, interviews can certainly be an intimidating experience. Fortunately, finding the right outfit can help you feel more put together, easing any nerves. 

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