Why Affordability Should Be a Priority—And How to Do It without Sacrificing Quality

Simply put, clothes shopping can get expensive.  Thankfully, there are ways to balance quality and affordability that can help you create a long-lasting and individualised wardrobe. 

Reasons to Prioritize Affordability

Less risk

If you are trying a new brand, going for affordability is a good idea so that you can balance out the risk of trying something new.

One-time expense

With top-notch clothes, they often require a dry clean after being worn, which typically demands an appointment with a professional. Also, they may need to be ironed and hand-washed, which is time-consuming and may cost more money.

Much of the time, there are less expensive alternatives that look similar but do not require such intensive care.

More varied wardrobe

Although you should carefully consider what to buy to make the most of your money, you can also have a more varied wardrobe when buying cheaper or more affordable clothes. For instance, you can have different colours of similar items, and you can find unique cuts and styles. Because of this, you can enjoy a variety of clothing and “dress to impress” if so desired, but without burning your wallet. Again, to maximize your budget, you want to find timeless clothes of good quality rather than always buying on-trend pieces.


affordable wardrobe

Put timelessness above trends

Although trends can be tempting to follow, they are often expensive and may have lower quality items because they are in high demand. Also, you are unlikely to wear the trendy item for very long once it falls out of fashion.

Because of this, you should try to find timeless, classy items that suit your appearance and personal preferences.

timeless clothing outfit

Consider Longevity

Sometimes, you need to invest more upfront to save in the long run. For instance, something that is well-made may cost a little bit more, but as long as it is a timeless outfit, you can be sure to wear it for years to come. 

Take good care of clothing items

Even if they do not require top-notch care as more expensive items do, you should still be sure to take care of your clothing items to ensure they last longer. For instance, always check the washing instructions, and reserve a few super cheap, low-quality items to use for activities that involve physical exertion or dirt and stains. This way, you can even keep mediocre-quality clothing for a long time.

clothes washer maintenance

Maintain Organization

About once a month or so (and before you purchase new items), take a regular inventory of your wardrobe, so you can know which items you need more of. This also allows you to find clothing you may have forgotten about, so you don’t need to buy more of it. Finally, you can consider which fits and styles suit you the most and keep these preferences in mind when making a new purchase.


At ForeverHerDay, we prioritise the values of affordability and quality. We aim to provide timeless items that showcase class, elegance and style plus a few select options that will allow you to express your own unique personality. If you would like to see if any of our items are a good fit for you, feel free to check out our website!


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