Why an Elegant Style Is a Must-Have

Whether you want to shake up your style or see if a different look suits you better, an elegant style is a great way to express yourself. Below are some of the main reasons why elegance is such a great style to use, along with a few do's and dont's with the look.

Elegance Is Highly Flexible

Because elegance is simply a style that uses simplicity and complementing elements to enhance your natural features, it is a highly flexible style. As shown in the images below, you can dress up in a beautiful sequin gown, or down in a sleek turtleneck. As a result, you can pull off the elegant style at virtually any occasion.

Oftentimes, an elegant style is feminine, but it doesn't have to be. For instance, the turtleneck and denim outfit shown below is not inherently a "girly" outfit, but it does have a pretty touch that creates the elegant feel. (Speaking of which, denim is a great option for elegance if you're looking for a less feminine option!)

elegant style highly flexible

Elegance Is Often More Efficient

Because the style is so flexible, elegance is often highly efficient as well. For instance, while you can follow trends as you like, you don't need to feel obligated to do so. After all, elegance is primarily about finding clothing that suits your natural beauty. Because of this, the clothing that you do get lasts longer.

Along with lasting longer, you are more likely to get more uses out of your clothing. This is because elegant clothes can more easily be mixed and matched, as the style often involves a simpler base.

Finally, because elegance is not about trends or appearing over-the-top, you don't need to buy expensive and name brand clothing to nail the style. Certainly a plus for your wallet! (Side note, ForeverHerDay is a great place to find affordable clothing that's super elegant and suits you well.)

efficient elegant fashion

Elegance Allows You to Express Yourself

Because elegance is designed to enhance your natural appearance in a beautiful, aesthetic way, you can also use the style as a means of self-expression. For instance, you can be either bold or subdued in your clothing choice, feminine or masculine, colorful or plain, and still maintain an elegant style.

Also, either "less is more" or "glamming up" can apply to elegance, which allows you to further express yourself or dress for the occasion. (As a note, sometimes you can be either too plain or too over-the-top, to the point of losing the elegant style. However, this is only on the extreme levels of the scale.)


elegant express yourself



Some things to avoid in an elegant style

Although elegance is highly adaptible, there are a few things you should avoid. Otherwise, you will likely edge into a different style.

Edgy designs and overly bold cuts

While these are awesome styles, they are usually not elegant.

Over-the-top glam

Glam can be elegant, but too much will give more of a bold or flashy appearance.

Overly bright colours

Bright colours are usually fine with an elegant style when done properly, but they can easily become overwhelming, especially if they don’t complement your natural features.


In summary, elegance has a strong focus on moderation. While unique aspects can complement the outfit, having too many of them will create more of an innovative outfit than an elegant one.



As with any style, elegance has its own rules and limits. However, it is a lot more flexible than most, and it gives you the opportunity to look beautiful without spending a crazy amount of money.

If you'd like to get some elegant clothing to flesh out your wardrobe, ForeverHerDay has both a UK/Europe and International collection, containing a variety of elegant outfits. Feel free to check them out!

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