About Us

ForeverHerDay is an Essex based online retail store launched in July 2020. At ForeverHerDay, our mission is to bring you the best in elegant fashion at affordable prices.

If you are sophisticated and stylish and want to exude class and elegance at all times, ForeverHerDay is for you! Not sure how to level up your look but know that you need to? Well, we make it easy for you! 

Shopping at ForeverHerDay makes it easy to create well crafted ensembles and go-to outfits that make you look and feel fantastic. Your fashion faux pas days are officially over thanks to our carefully selected range of affordable, elegant fashion.

Browse our online fashion store to find a variety of elegant looks for business, work, student life and formal engagements, as well as some great looks for socialising with friends or going on a date… all on a budget!

What is elegance? 'the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner.'

On our blog you will find lots of positive inspiration and how-to guides to help you maintain an 'elegant' attitudue throughtout life. After all, elegance isn't just about having great style and knowing how to dress in an appropriate way. Elegance is also an attitude...